Procedures for Entry

Requirement for Landing Application

  1. Possession of a Valid Passport
  2. A foreign national are required to submit an application of Visa to Japanese diplomatic missions abroad.
    If a foreign national show the Certificate of Eligibility, a foreign national can generally expect that a visa will be issued within relatively short timeframe.

  3. Application for Landing
  4. A foreign national need to show an immigration inspector a valid passport and entry record card or re-entry record card.

  5. Provision of Personal Identification Information
  6. In principle, a foreign national is required to provide an immigration inspector with personal identification information(fingerprints and photo).

Conditions for Landing

  1. validity of Passport and Visa
  2. Compatibility with the Status of Residence
  3. If a foreign national have the Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence, the foreign national is determined the compatibility of status of residence by an immigration inspector.

    A foreign national have to submit an application to a regional immigration bureau to obtain The Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence.

  4. Not falling under Exclusion Clauses

Procedures for Status of Residence and Period of Stay

There are the following procedures relating to status of residence and period of stay.

  1. Permission to engage in an activity that is not permitted by the status of residence previously granted
  2. Permission to change status of residence

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